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Do You Need a Water Remediation Contractor in Hampton NH?

Checking for a water remediation company in the Hampton New Hampshire area? New England Water Remediation proudly help Hampton and adjacent neighborhoods. As one of the fastest water restoration and remediation services in New England we strive to deliver 100% satisfaction and have you back to normal as soon as possible. We know water incidents might be stressful and we do all that we can to bring you peace of mind knowing the predicament will be handled.

Our water damage clean up services include:

* Emergency water extraction: Safe and fast removal of all water via drying chambers, dehumidification and air movers.

* Structure and content drying: Thoroughly dry all structure including walls, ceilings, floors and contents.

* Carpet and carpet pad restoration: Salvage carpet and pad when possible through advanced sanitization and drying processes.

* Carpet cleaning, deodorization and stain removal: Clean and deodorize carpeting.

* Black water and sewage cleanup: Sanitize, dry and dispose of highly porous materials affected by category 3 black water.

Water damage can come from a myriad of various reasons, flood being the most damaging but lowest common. More frequent causes of water damage in San Francisco are: damaged dishwashing machine hose, washing machine overspill, damaged pipe, leakage from rooftop, and so on. If your house has been a victim of flood or water damage, it must be taken care of immediately. The longer you hold off to have your house undergo complete water cleanup, the more problematic it is to restore the harm.

Below are the 6 Main Steps of the Water Remediation Process We Use:

Step 1: Inspection of the water

Step 2: Water removal

Step 3: Inspection of damage

Step 4: Water cleanup

Step 5: Drying process

Step 6: Restoration process

Our goal is to get you back to normal in the quickest and most safest way possible. So if you’re looking for water damage, remediation & restoration services in the Hampton New Hampshire area simply reach out. Our team is here to help 24 hours a day, just give us a call, we’d love to help you!

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